A Better Deal: Taxpayer Dollars Should be Used to Support & Create American Jobs, Not Ship Them Overseas

The American people deserve a Better Deal on trade and jobs.

Republished with permission from the Senate Democrats' Medium page. The original post can be found here.

When the Senate meets this week, we will consider the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA is a bipartisan piece of legislation, bringing together lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to set budget levels and shape policy for our national security and defense. But this year, it is also a major opportunity for the American worker to get a Better Deal on trade and jobs.

When considering the NDAA, Democrats will offer major amendments to protect and strengthen our Buy American policies in taxpayer-funded defense contracts and limit federal defense contractors from outsourcing good-paying American jobs. Taxpayer dollars spent on American defense should put American workers to work and grow our local economies.

In his campaign, President Trump promised he would crack down on companies that outsource jobs and ensure products financed with taxpayers dollars were Made in America. Senate Democrats have held these positions for years and will again offer real legislative proposals to achieve them on the NDAA. We welcome the support of President Trump and Senate Republicans to help us pass our amendments and to get our economy growing again.

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