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For Democrats, Grassroots Groups Are The Key To Success

Grassroots efforts have been crucial to opposing the Trump administration.

Since Donald Trump's inauguration, grassroots groups have proven hugely effective in slowing and occasionally stopping moves by the Trump administration and Congressional Republicans. Between that and the fundraising potential, Democrats are taking notice and looking to align themselves with "The Resistance."

California's Senator Kamala Harris got right with the program, attending and speaking at the Women's March in Washington D.C., the day after the inauguration. Other Democrats have or are doing the same. Representative Barbara Lee even recently hosted DNC Vice-Chair Keith Ellison at a town hall to discuss how the Democrats are reforming party culture to work better with grassroots organizing principles and empower regular people in the party.

We're seeing the beginnings of that work. The DNC is working on its Resistance Summer initiative, and announced a major re-investment in local and state party infrastructure. Party loyalists are also directing outside funds toward tools to improve polling, analytics, and communication with potential voters. These are encouraging signs that Democrats understand at least some of what ails them. (They still have a long way to go. A loooong way.)

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